We can help arrange an affordable, courteous and subsidised delivery of your purchases.

This is made possible by 'truck sharing' with your fellow buyers and is usually arranged for the Sunday after our 'open to the public' days.

While the drivers aren't able to cater to individual timing preferences, they are able to service multiple customers on one day at a substantially discounted rate.

The service is outsourced and is not provided directly by Design Traders.

Delivery route is determined by the transport company. This will be communicated to you by text message and the drivers should never show up unannounced!

What's the process?

Design Traders will text your delivery booking information 2 days before your scheduled delivery.

Your driver will contact you on the morning of your delivery with an estimated time of delivery (a 3 - 4 hour window) & again approximately 30 minutes before delivery.

Due to the unpredictable nature of traffic, weather, parking, property access and other unforeseen delays, it is not possible to provide an exact delivery time.

IF ANY FURTHER INFORMATION IS REQUIRED ABOUT YOUR DELIVERY, PLEASE CONTACT THE DRIVER DIRECTLY (ON YOUR ALLOCATED DELIVERY DAY) NOT DESIGN TRADERS. (ps: your driver will often be driving or moving furniture, so please text and allow a reasonable time for a response.)

If your account has not been settled prior to delivery (bank transfer / eft payments must clear by the last business day prior to delivery- ie: by Friday for Sunday delivery ), the driver will require payment in full before unloading your order.

If paying at the time of delivery, COD is the only option. The trucks are run by idependent contratctors and are NOT equipped with eftpos machines.

If you are unable to accept delivery on the allocated day, we can arrange a courier service at your convenience. However, this service is not subsidized and fees may be differ to our usual rates.


Prices for our regular service range from $60 to $120 for Sydney Metro. (up to 50km)

These rates are for a basic delivery of standard sized orders to a GROUND FLOOR location and 5 minutes labour. Suitable parking must be provided.

Rates are calculated by kms, USING THE FASTEST ROUTE via NON TOLL ROADS (use as follows:

0 - 10km - $60

10-20km - $80

20 - 30km - $100

30- 50km - $120

NB: rates are subject to change without notice

Additional Services

If you require more than the basic ground floor service, we can help out, however, this


If you have a large or heavy order, don't live on the ground floor or have difficult access, additional labour can provided as follows:

Additional 10 minutes labour / waiting time : $20

Additional 25 minutes labour / waiting time : $50

Large Orders (more than 3 pieces): a surcharge will apply according to the size and number of items.

Please note, a maximum of 30 minutes per delivery is allowed from the time of arrival and our drivers will not risk personal injury or parking fines to deliver your items.

We regret that sometimes, due to weight and size, 'upstairs' delivery will not be available at all.

Plastic Wrapping: $7.50 per piece

(nb: most items we sell are unboxed. We can wrap your items for additional protection during transport @ $7.50 per piece. Wrapping is especially recommended for items light in colour, or if delivery is likely to take place on a wet day.)

Undeliverable orders

To ensure that a successful delivery is made, it's important to:

To ensure that a successful delivery is made, it's important to:

- make sure your items fits where intended, before you purchase it (we cannot do this for you)

- you have provided a correct phone number, where you can receive messages in a timely manner

- suitable parking and access is available for a truck

- remove pets and any other obstacles that may prevent safe delivery of your items.

- someone is home to accept delivery (waiting time will be charged as above)

If your order is undeliverable for any of the above reasons, you will still be required to pay the delivery fee in full.

Pick Up

Pick up of your items is available from 12pm - 2pm on the day of the sale.

On sale days, we will usually have some assistance available for loading your goods.

In the week following our next sale day, pick up is available by appointment.

The available appointment times coincide with the 'viewing by appointment times. (see Gallery page)

You must text to book before 3pm the day before. Please do not arrive without an appointment as the warehouse may not be attended.

Please be aware that for pick up items we do not provide labour.


To secure an item at one of our clearance sales, we require a deposit of $50 per item purchased. Items $1000 or over require a $100 deposit per item. Your deposit secures the item and is non refundable.

We accept cash or card on the day.  

Credit card payments attract a 3% surcharge and you will need to queue to pay. For your security, credit cards payments require a PIN and therefore can only be processed on site.

The balance can be settled as cash on delivery / pick up or on line (bank transfer).

If you are paying online, your payment must be cleared by last business day before your scheduled delivery (eg: for weekend delivery, the payment must clear by 3pm Friday, to avoid disappointment, please send your payment at least 2 business days in advance, as we cannot release goods with uncleared or pending bank transfers)

Delivery drivers are NOT able to accept credit card or bank transfer payments on our behalf.

Cash and carry is also available on the day (pick ups from 12pm onwards)

Delivery fees are payable directly to the delivery driver. Design Traders outsource the service to various contractors and therefore cannot accept payment for your delivery.